Current openings

3D character animator and rigger

ambedo studios is looking for a 3D keyframe animator for our upcoming experimental narrative title, Remaining Grace. This is a remote part-time contract, to start as soon as possible. Note that we are specifically looking for candidates in Canada, so priority will be given to those applicants, but everyone is welcome to apply.

Requirements & skills

  • Keyframe 3D animation of medium-poly human characters.
  • Must be able to rig and skin characters for animation.
  • Demonstrable ability to animate naturalistic motion (ie. NOT cartoony).
  • Ability to capture subtle facial expressions in human interactions and conversations.
  • A portfolio that clearly shows the ability to animate everyday human interactions: a hug, a cuddle, leaning an arm on someone’s shoulder, eating dinner, etc. Typical “gameplay” animations such as combat, jumping, parkour, etc. as well as non-human animations will not be considered for this role.
  • Ability to time-box their work by adjusting the level of detail as needed in order to produce a higher number of lower detail animations (or vice versa) in the allotted hours.
  • Technical aptitude to work to spec on complex workflows and existing rigs.
  • Game engine proficiency in Unity is a plus.

We love indie unicorns that enjoy wearing many hats. If you have other skills within game development, especially within 3D art and animation, please include them in your application. We’d love to be able to use you in more roles as we ramp up production down the line.

How to Apply

  • Please use this form to apply for the role.
  • Applications sent over email, or any other means than the form above, will be ignored.
  • Portfolios that only feature cartoony and/or non-human animations, as well as portfolios showing only combat/platforming animations will not be considered.
  • If you happen to be an indie unicorn with experience in other areas of game development (2D/3D art, tech, etc.), feel free to include them in your application so we can get a sense of all the things you do. For this role however, we will be focusing on your animation work.